Taxing The Banks…

The problem with the banks is not bonuses or their pricing, it’s that they and they alone are allowed to create money. This gives them a unique advantage over the rest of the population, seeing as we all need it and no-one else is allowed to create it (save, of course, our government, who choose not to supply the electorate with money where it’s needed, either at interest or for free, but instead pack people off to the banks where they’re encouraged to borrow it at interest).
This very much needs to change. Tax the banks, rail against the banks, and they simply won’t care. The only thing that will hurt them is to supply the population with an alternative and cheap supply of money. That’ll be the end of three hundred years of effective rule by the banking community. Are we hearing anything at all about any of this from our proposed leaders? Not a word. Irrelevant, all of them. Client politicians who will nicely provide the banks with client government in the same way when the Romans invaded the then Britons were provided with client kings. Punch and Judy politics? Not even that – just a puppet show.

In The Forest – Economics

The Keynes School of economic thinking, Adam Smith, the Austrian School… all these are what I call “In the forest” economics. We’re here in this forest, so we have to reorder things in our best interest.

I say, no we don’t. We shouldn’t even be considering that at all.

We don’t because this would be like hens in a battery farm trying to reorder things so that the battery farm worked in favour of them, not the farmers. It’s like trying to accept something wholly artificial, contrived, designed specifically to serve the needs of those who built it, as somehow being the natural environment for those imprisoned within it. Just tweak it this or that way, they say, and it’ll be ok. More taxes, less taxes. Different taxes. Occasional taxes. Part-time taxes. Tax reliefs. That’ll fix it, say these economics schools, from deep in the forest. Then it’ll work.

I say that’s nonsense. The system wasn’t designed to work in favour of the people in it, but in favour of the people who run it. We suffer an imposed culture and an imposed econom model. They aren’t ours. They didn’t naturally develop here. They were imposed.

The basic societal model is Roman. We first saw it here when – surprise! – the Romans conquered us. We first saw the national currency then too. This was introduced so we could be taxed. It facilitates trade, true, but over and above, handled right it enriches any party having control over the money supply. That used to be the Romans, now it’s the banks.

Effectively, then, we’re now conquered by the banks, who have lately (in historical terms) resurrected the old Roman economic model. Internationally, too, not just here. It doesn’t matter how you tweak and twiddle this arrangement, adding or subtracting this or that tax. The ultimate beneficiaries are still the banks. No matter what we do, we cannot amend the existing system so it works in our favour. We need “out of the forest” economics, then. This isn’t our forest, this isn’t our system. If we’re going to develop something that works in our favour, in favour of we who live in it, we’re going to need to get out of this one completely.


Scam civilisation

This from Tacitus, Roman historian, on the Britons after being conquered,”All this in their ignorance, they called civilization, when it was but a part of their servitude.”

The early Britons thought they had their own civilisation but really it was just a scam run by the Romans. The Romans had the monopoly on the money supply. If you wanted to trade, you had to use money, which you could only get from the Romans. Every time Britons traded, the Romans got their cut. The Britons were greatly encouraged to consider improving their circumstances by trading (mostly up) as the hallmark of a civilised nation. Get a whole people, a nation, running around trading and giving you a cut each time, self-motivated as they think they’re being civilised… what you’ve got is a machine that works day and night to make money for you.

We today similarly think we have our own civilisation, but really it’s just a scam run by the banks. The banks have the monopoly on the money supply. Every time we trade, bigger car, bigger house, more exotic holiday, or even just basics like food, heat, light… the banks take their cut as we have to “borrow” from the banks to get the money into circulation to use for all this. At interest. All our efforts really serve to do is enrich the banks.

The Roman scam grew bloated and was destroyed by the irresponsibility of the people at the top. The complete withdrawal of the money supply, on which the Britons and everyone else conquered by the Romans had come to depend, precipitated what we refer to as the Dark Ages. What we live in now grows bloated and is being destroyed by the irresponsibility of the people at the top. The money supply diminishes as the banks refuse to “lend”. History repeats itself around us.

I suspect a long night may be drawing in…