Ending the UK

Following on from what I was saying about migrants and the effects of the exchange rate, it seems only sensible to me that the North of England be declared its own country and granted its own government and currency. It’s a common view, one with which I agree, that the South of England is regarded as an extension of the Westminter political village so its desires are pandered to while the needs of the North are ignored.  Policies are made for the benefit of the South and nowhere else as that’s where the political hub is.  If the country breaks up into seperate countries, Southern England, Northern England, Wales and Scotland and they each have their own government and currencies, each government can produce policies which best serve their immediate neighbourhoods. One probably effect would be that given the high relative value which would no doubt be placed upon the Southern currency by the world’s financial markets it would then make economic sense for Northern lads to come down to the South and work because of the favourable exchange rate just as it does with the Poles etc. now.