Banking Uber Alles

The rotting corpses of the banks are being preserved at the expense of the rest of society. More evidence here;,-Are-They.html

It speaks of the banks going bankrupt. Given they’re clearly already insolvent this seems inevitable. We should do a remake movie called Banking System In London, in which our banking systems, already dead, physically deteriorate every time we see them through the movie. Actually, it’s more like we’re already in this remake, and the fact that where before we had lively institutions we now have animated corpses is getting harder and harder for Darling to conceal. Oh it’s worse than we thought, he reluctantly concedes. That’s nonsense, the government knows how bad it is, it’s OVER is how bad it is, and they have no clue whatsoever how to handle the situation. They bluff, they bluster. Like frightened hamsters will seek the familiarity of running in their wheels even though it gets them nowhere they simply repeat the same useless and irrelevant actions over and over.
I bought a water purifier, gravity-driven. You should too.