Global Warming

Recent research indicates that artifacts found underwater off Japan and India are from 7500 BC. The environments they were found in, deep underwater and obviously man-made, indicate flourishing civilisations existed on land-masses now underwater around 12000 BC. When I say flourishing civilisation, I hasten to point out there’s no evidence these guys polluted the skies with air travel or the seas with shipping the way we do. No suggestion of man-made pollution back then. They got swallowed up by the advancing waters just the same however. This suggests to me warming and cooling is a natural and ongoing consequence of the world turning, commonplace in the scheme of things, rather than directly created by the scheming hands of man.

It gets turned into something else by the politicians as an excuse to exercise further authority over the rest of us. Plus of course it serves as a distraction from their endless economic incompetence.

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