Greed Is Good

The point of encouraging greed is, as the Roman invaders here knew and understood,
if you create an aspirational society and you control the money
supply by monopoly, you bring into being a machine that makes you
wealthy. If you have a society where everyone wants to “get on” and
you define what “getting on” means, and they need money to do it and
they have to come to you to get it, you rule. Every time they trade,
which they need to do to “get on”, they need money and they can only
get it from you. You let them have it cheap (as we’ve had here in
recent years) the money supply grows and everyone prospers. You make
it expensive or, as currently is the case, largely unavailable, and
people starve, as we’re seeing. When you see people using expression
like greed is good, it’s banker thinking, the bankers having the
effective monopoly today of the money supply. It’s not pointless or
ridiculous, the point is it make money for the people who run the
economy, not the people who have to live in it. We live under an
imposed cultural model, one which has been imposed upon us to further
the interests of the imposers, not we who live under it. It was never
intended to be benign and you shouldn’t think it’s silly or irrational
because it isn’t, you just mistake it’s intentions.


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