Selling England By The Pound

The government propose paying down the National Debt by selling off assets such as the Tote, The Dartford Crossing, the Student Loan Book, etc.

This is wrong in so many ways.

You don’t sell your assets off cheap when you have no money because then you’re left with no assets and no money. It’s financial mismanagment on a colossal scale.

Then there’s the National Debt itself. It shouldn’t exist. It should never have existed. The government ‘borrows’ money from banks that the banks don’t have in the first place. They make it up out of thin air. They do this under license from the government. They then demand to be paid interest on top of the original money. Where is that supposed to come from? It’s clearly impossible. This is what we live in. Ridiculous.

If the government can grant a license to a third party to create money electronically, it can do the same thing itself. It could do it at no interest, and grant it to deserving parties like businessmen, or it could create money at low interest, and similarly grant it to businessmen. Under the first scheme everyone would still have to pay taxes, under the second scheme, arguably we could do away with taxation and simply fund everything needed from the interest repayments.  

Both ideas are mathematically feasible, in fact, many alternatives to the present oppressive system are.

Why do we keep the present one?

It favours the wealthy. They have the reigns of power, and they ain’t giving them up.

Except that they are, because they’ve lost them from their hands. It’s got away from them, they’ve lost control of it all.

They’ve killed the golden goose.

They’ve over-milked the cow.

The fleas have killed the dog.

The parasites – are you getting this? – have killed the host. 

So, it’s over anyway. All this nonsense about this scheme or that scheme the politicians are blathering on about… it’s all just to make it seem like it’s somehow business as usual.

It isn’t.

We face a future we aren’t prepared for and our glorious leaders are trying to pretend isn’t happening.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


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