The BNP Economics Policy

The BNP’s Larry Nunn is probably better equipped to articulately explain the BNP’s economics policy (which I understand involves reintroducing full reserve banking and dumping the fractional reserve banking we are now saddled with) than Nick Griffin ever will be. I doubt we’ll be seeing Larry on the telly for precisely that reason. Some elements of banking simply aren’t discussed in the media; not in print, not on air. It’s at least arguable that the whole point of having a prominent BNP figure on a national tv show and then not letting him get a word in about actual BNP policies was to stop him drawing any attention to the existing banking system. It’s a taboo subject. In the media you’ll see nothing but the very briefest of mentions of money being created by banks. If that idea ever got out and became more widely understood I suspect it would mean the end of law and order as we’ve known it. Now I’m familiar with the subject I’d have to say rightly so.
Don’t expect to be seeing The Bill Kruse Show anytime soon either!


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