The Government – New Balls Please.

It was asked on one of the forums today, “Why don’t I ever hear any good news, or tales of government intelligence coming from the UK?”¬†

Because the idiots we elect (being idiots ourselves, for the most part) are busy churning out reams of ineffective legislation in an effort to disguise their overall impotence. They can’t control the money supply,¬†they can only tinker with the economy, not fix it or make it work for us. Further, they can only tinker with it to a limited degree because their powers to do that are limited by Brussels. They are little more than figureheads in the same manner the Queen’s a figurehead. Just as the Queen has no authority but has a lifestyle many would envy, today’s would-be politicians aspire to a life of merely token authority but a wealth of privilege.

Want anything done, you’ve got to do it yourself. The government are just another tribe of predators these days.


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