You Can Be Predator Or Prey

When the going gets down and dirty you either get down and dirtier (predator) or you get to be prey. In a twon already laid low by predatory banking, Detroit, we’re seeing more predatory behaviour. This time it’s from the local police, who are raiding entirely innocent people and claiming their property to be involved in crimes. If that sounds like a broad definition I suspect that’s because it’s intended to be. The reality is that someone, anyone, in any way conected to property seems to be excuse enough for it to be seized and then auctioned off, proceeds to go to the local police dept for equipment and so forth

Times are very hard in Detroit, the city is disentegrating and resources are scarce. Those picked on are sometimes eventually understood to be entirely innocent – but they mat still have to pay to get their property back, at what looks like hefty profit for the police department?

Think it couldn’t happen here? It already is. The Proceeeds Of Crime Act (POCA), introdiced just recently, is along the same lines. You have to ask now, is anyone safe from either robbers or police? Are you safe from these predators, or will you be their prey?


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