Yvette! Yvette! You Stupid Woman!

I saw Yvette Cooper on tv last night stoutly declaring Labour had saved thousands of Britons from losing their life savings by bailing out the banks – this as if it were a good thing! The British people, all people in fact, should clearly understand that lodging their money with a bank is a gamble and that sometimes, if you gamble, you lose.  This is a matter of simple education and the job of education is in the hands of government, in particular a government who got elected on a mantra of “Education, education, education”. The banks that should have gone bankrupt were that way because they were incompetent, dishonest or both. If they’d been bankrupted as they should have been (and no doubt still should be) then they’d be gone and the system would be purged and could rebuild itself cleanly. Now, they’re still there! Permanently too if the polticians have anything to do with it! All Yvette and her pals, all of them no doubt with their eyes on a cosy seat in a boardroom somewhere when they retire, have done is to lumber the Britih people, all of them, with an entire banking system that’s both corrupt and incompetent and glories in the sure knowledge that whatever scrapes it gets into the politicians will use taxpayer money to bail them out so they can all of them collectively, bankers and politicians both, carry on with the serious business of getting their snouts back in the trough. I mean, the budget: who cares? Was there anything in the budget to address this situation – or did it, in fact, by refusing to address any of the issues at the heart of the problems, merely preserve and extend the circumstances that have given rise to those problems in the first place? It’s the election coming up very soon, and we’re all supposed to trot along and vote like good little sheeple. Who is there to vote for with a policy of letting bankrupt banks fail when they need to and damn the cost to their political careers? Who is there, in fact, that there’s any point in voting for at all?


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