Bank Fraud

Where is it governments borrow money from? Nowhere at all. Instead, they ask the banks to create money, under license from themselves (the govt) which the banks will agree to as long as the banks are given in return an amount equal to the same amount they create, plus a whole lot more on top too. Governments, elected to serve our interests I’ll remind you, happily agree to this, rendering the electorate and their descendants liable for fulfilling these impossible obligations for centuries. Then those same governments retire and mysteriously surface in comfy retirement as consultants to – amazing, this – banks!
I think those who complain about¬†immigration miss the point. It’s the money problem and the way banks and politicians between them stitch the rest of us up rotten that needs addressing. Many of these immigrants are economic migrants anyway. So will we be soon, I imagine, on our way to the boom economies of China and India with our begging bowls and our lucky heather.


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