Narrow Banking, Narrow Thinking

OK, I got it. You have investment banks (casino banks) and you have the kind of banks we typically associate with the High Street where you make deposits and withdrawals and so on. Narrow banking means the two remain separate, see Glass-Steagal, an act bought in after the Great Depression to separate the two banking systems, recently repealed. This has greatly contributed to our current economic woes. If the casino banks are tied up with the high street banks, when the casino banks make a bad bet and they fail, because the’re tied in with our high street banking system they bring the entire economy down with them, hence the expression, too big to fail. Obviously it’s in the communal interest that Glass-Steagal or something similar be reinstated, which is why it won’t happen or even be discussed at any senior level. I keep trying to explain to people that what we live in isn’t run for our benefit any more than a battery farm is run for the benefit of the chickens inside it. Here’s yet more evidence to support my point of view.


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