Riding In Cars With Politicians

There’s actually no inflation when the money supply is increased if there’s a corresponding increase in goods and services, that’s with a fiat economy of course. I think some get confused between a gold-backed currency and a fiat one, where the value of the currency is determined by the wealth (goods and services) it represents. On that subject, it recently saddened me greatly to see a picture of a disused airfield absolutely crammed with perfectly serviceable cars, many with several years of useful life in them, waiting to be drained of fluids and so forth before being crushed. They represent wealth, our wealth, and they’re being crushed as part of a political exercise where we’re given our own money in order to buy foreign cars and wipe out our secondhand car trade in the near future and our new car trade in the longer term. Very sad so many people fell for this. Economic literacy is an essential for the next civilisation.


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