The Chancellors’ Debate

Ho hum. I didn’t hear a word about creating an alternative money supply, one where the government exercises its prerogative to create money debt-free and distribute it appropriately to business as it’s needed. I didn’t hear anything about ending the three-hundred-year tyranny of the banking orders. All I can gather is that we’re going to go on borrowing money from banks that create it out of thin air under license from the government as none of the candidates for future government seem keen on discussion of this arrangement, let alone changing it in favour of the electorate that elects them. Vince Cable, Alastair Darling and George Osborne are all of them proposing that as a nation we simply carry on being wholly dependent upon the banks alone for our money supply, thus all of last night’s so-called debating was simply empty theatrical posturing. The most important issue was never addressed.


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